Someone at the bar asked me last night if I believe in ghosts. I said yeah, but then said not quite a ghost per say. So I started trying to explain “shadow people” and no one I asked around me had never seen it or heard of it.

Kind of pisses me off in a way, ive only met maybe 2 other people who have talked about seeing shadow people. Or that man with the hat…
Its really creepy. Its been a really long time since ive had an experience like that though. And I really only remember seeing it in my house in aragona when I was younger, but I saw it for years. Eh it creeps me out thinking about it.

I need to find that post about shadow people again.

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My boyfriend just came back with a copy of his house key for me, oh its like that ay? ;) hahaha


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New mini board, costa ready! 
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I feel like I should have at least made like 300$ tonight based off of how many $20+ tips I got.
$215 doe ayyyeee.
Its 3am and im still at work fml.

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Sometimes you meet a person and you just click—you’re beyond comfortable with them, like you’ve known them for your entire life, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything. Alexandra Ardonetto (via deadvibe)

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nothing beats those kisses where you can just taste how much they want you

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Polina D.

I find it extremely sexy having sex where you can’t even take time to take her panties off or you’re in a hurry so you slide them to the side and go hard.

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